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Attack of the Clones (Part 1): Drishti and vMeet

Background : India recently banned certain Chinese Apps from being used and also with that launched a campaign of being vocal for local . Essentially promoting industries and app developers alike to encourage building and using homegrown solutions. And along with that came a plethora of apps replicating different features of popular Chinese + non-chinese but popular apps trying to capitalize on the national sentiment of vocal for local. In this series, I will try to look into a few of recently launched apps which I will call "clones" functionality wise. And also look at some of their claims where, in my opinion, they peek into the grey area too much. This is purely for archival purposes so that I can catalog my own findings and direct others here from social media debates. Part 1 Drishti Play Store: News Coverage: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 In short, this is a Zoom rival with a very similar  UI and feature set (exactly like