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SOPA and Internet Blackout how you can protest

How many of you have noticed weird behavior of some of our most visited websites? Have you noticed that the Wikipedia page today looks like this What is this? This is a all-out Blackout. Why? Because of SOPA. What is SOPA? Read about it here Today's blackout is akin to a "sit-in" protest. It is extreme but non-violent and non-threatening and once the point is made the players will move on to other forms of protest. Google has blacked out its logo on its homepage, Wikipedia is denying (top picture) access to entries and Reddit is giving facts about SOPA and what you can do to stop it. What does a blacked out Internet look like? Take a look at the screenshot below. Google Google's top lawyer, David Drummond, explains why the search giant is censoring its homepage and logo in a  blog post on the company's official blog. Next comes another of my  Favorite   WordPress The popular  WordPres

Bengal Leads and a Opening Ceremony --> "ekti ingriji bhashon ebong ekti bangali mukhyomontri"

This post is unlike my other posts. I'll strictly talk about an event here (and try to be imperative to what I feel about it). Some of us have heard of an event called Bengal Leads in the past few days. It is a Govt. Of West Bengal initiative for a portrait of what our state has to offer to the the investors, both foreign and domestic. According to it's own website The Government of West Bengal is organising, for the first time an exhibition cum business summit - Bengal Leads 2012, where the State will exhibit its areas of strength and opportunities in varied sectors and facilitate interaction amongst all stakeholders. The website looks nice and clean (-minus a few glitches and only 5 security vulnerabilities) unlike most of the Govt. sites I have visited. The Crowsnest have done a good job with the site, just didn't understand the unsymmetrical foter image background is a intentional effect or just carelessness. You can visit the site here -->