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macOS High Sierra App Preference Unlock Bug : Be high to unlock that padlock with any password

It has been a very interesting year for macOS. If we keep security in mind. After   we all were enjoying the "elevated" privileges[ 1 ], combined with the 'root'less effort[ 2 ], taken to a new high[ 3 ] by apple.  And not forgetting the local notification bug [ 4 ]. We really thought it was all over. But then about unlocking your App Preferences panel on your high sierra without any password at all? Steps to reproduce: Open System Preferences Open App Store Check if your padlock is locked. Else lock it Try to unlock it and click on "Use Password" option Put any password you want in it and it will unlock How cool is that -_- If you don't have access to a machine, here is a nice cool video I just recorded showing it in action Not sure if it will actually be called a security bug. But there is a bug report atleast now with this video if they take notice.