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Setting up Firebase manually using SDK

1. Get your Firebase copy Head over to the  iOS Getting Started page , scroll to the bottom and click on the "framework SDK zip" link to download an archive containing all the Firebase frameworks. Please leave a comment if the link is not valid anymore, and I'll make sure to update the guide with the new location. I've said frameworks, using the plural, because as you'll see once you'll extract the archive, the SDK comes in a number of focused frameworks. In fact, Firebase offer a number of services, analytics, "realtime" database, notifications, etc... and the team has done a great job into providing a framework for each service, so that developers can mix and match without having to carry extra code they don't need with them. You'll also notice that the archive comes with a README. The file contains barebone instructions to setup the SDK manually, this post augments them. 2. Copy Firebase/Analytics into your project The analyt

BrazilJS : And a wall of dreams

Today I want to talk a little bit about BrazilJS. The memories are still fresh since it happened just a month back for an action packed 2 days at the beautiful city of Porto Alegre.  Apart from having some of the most awesome speakers I have heard in a conference it had one of the most active and engaged audiences I have seen. Mozilla had a remarkable presence there, including the captivating talk of Mike Taylor about " How to make browsers compatible with the Web ” which I highly recommend you to listen to if you are a web developer or aspire to be one. You will not only benefit yourself from it, but will do a favour to everyone who tries to follow web standards. He gave the same talk in Viewsource just a few weeks after BrazilJS. Apart from the talk we had a WebVR and a HTML Game booth set up at the venue, which kind of looked like this when we were setting it up The WebVR booth at BrazilJS The item up for demo was “Puzzle Rain”. A WebVR game specially tun