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LibrePlanet 2017: Liberating your open source experience

LibrePlanet is a yearly gathering of free software activists, users, and contributors—and, it's my favorite conference of the year. Here's why. LibrePlanet is run by the Free Software Foundation , and has steadily evolved from a yearly members' meeting with presentations from staff and board members to a full blown two-day conference with speakers and attendees from all over the world. The event brings people who care about free software together to talk about the future of the movement, address current challenges, and celebrate successes. Prelude I was invited to give a talk  at LibrePlanet 2017 on 25th March at MIT, in Cambridge, Massachusetts representing Mozilla as a Tech Speaker. I reached Boston on 25th early morning. Around 1 AM. The journey itself was awesome till I realized that you don't get Uber or Lyft at Boston Airport. Not that the apps don't function there. They work! Just no driver will be ready to pick you up from Airport at that time. After

Dreams, Expectations and Failures: A story of Geekonix, Geekalums and Edge in 2017

The first logo of Geekonix Give me fuel give me Fire give me that which I Desire-James Hetfield. That was the motto of Geekonix Association — was our motto. But let’s just take the time capsule back to the year 2006. 2006 was the year I got admitted to Techno India, a privately owned engineering college in the middle of Kolkata. Well, not exactly middle, it was situated at the Electronic Complex in Salt Lake Sector V — what now is the IT hub of Kolkata. Like every other student at that time, I was curious, excited, somewhat scared to start a new journey and above all doing that alone. Soon those feelings got mixed with the excitement of the new life and the pressure that comes with it. But like me, many of us over-enthusiastic college goers always felt like we were lacking something, there was this urge to bring about a change or make a difference. Most of us, at that time, didn’t know what that something or the difference was, let alone proposing one. Inception It all s

SecurityPi@Embedded Linux Conference: One Device to Monitor Them All

Linux Foundation hosts a few very prestigious conferences throughout the year, Embedded Linux and OpenIoT conference are among them. I first had my talks accepted in OpenIoT Summit last year, and I ended up presenting two talks and one with Dietrich (yay!). You can read about it here . This year again, I decided to give it a try and submitted one of my hobby projects. The project uses a Raspberry Pi and tries to take care of its security and conveniently named as….. SecurityPi (Brownie points to me for the Innovative nomenclature!). There are two parts of this post. First, I'll explain about the background of the project - What is SecurityPi?   How does it work?   What is its purpose? And, how can you use it? In the latter part of the post, I will talk about the conference, how the talk was received and a little about some future ideas that I am planning to work on as well as some suggestions that I got.  Inception ~ How it all began: The idea admittedly ca