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April Fool: Gmail Motion and Goggle's Pranks for 2011

APRIL FOOL!!! Yes that is the spirit of the day. Everybody tries to fool you today (and you try likewise). My day too started with my mother fooling me :( And then of course I got into action :) After a few pranks I logged onto the net too see what Google had in store for us, like it every year had on April Fool's day. And i was not disappointed. Gmail had a new revolutionary product for us. Gmail Motion!! See the video here: Gmail product manager Paul McDonald, in a deadpan explanatory video, said Gmail Motion uses a "language of movements that replaces type entirely" and ends reliance on "outdated technologies" like the keyboard and mouse. Of course let me clarify. If you don't already know...YEAH this is the Google way to april fool us. :D Just the prank I was waiting for. If you still haven't seen it go here But though this was the hugely popular and shared link of Google's April fool. I googled a bit and found a few more simil