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Windows 7

Okk. This was a hype from the begining. But today I tried my hands on my MSDN version of the windows 7. And surprisingly,its quite pleasant ;) I'm not running it on a super hi-fi computer,but on a decent laptop.And its running quite fine. Here is a snapshot of the specs I'm using on this test Rig And among the other things I find a loadful of useful things till now I've been using in windows XP as either add-on or third party tools. For isntance the powershell,I remember istalling it quite a long time ago. Never thought It would be bundeled with 7 as Vista left it is dust. Here it is in its full glory. Frankly, it was all quite a surprise. But the real head turner for me was the revamped calculator. Really...what they were thinking? The new calculator and its modes almost beat my graphical calculator in XP. Really calculator evolved after quite a long time. And this one is for good. Experienced the Windows media player 12,nothing radically new except the interface of course