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Hosting 360 Degree Videos and Images in a CORS Supported Server

Why : If you have been playing with 360 degree videos and images like me in the recent past (specially with the awesome release of Mozilla ) then probably you are looking for an inexpensive or preferable free place to host your images/videos since most of the free places where we can upload them don't support CORS. How:  Using AWS to Host 360° Virtual Reality Panoramas & 360° Video AWS S3  has no inode limit and works especially well with multi-res panorama.  AWS S3 also works well for large streaming  360° Video  Files. Create an AWS S3 Account If you do not already have an AWS S3 account, sign up for a  Free Amazon Web Services Trial Account , see the following video for details Create a Bucket Once you have created your account you will need to create at least one Bucket, see the following video for simple instructions if you are not already familiar with basics of using AWS S3 Set permissions for your bucket use the AWS web interface