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Google Glass in eBay: The hype it can generate #ifihadglass

An auction for a pair of Google Glasses appeared on eBay reaching $15,900 with 36 bids before being pulled. The 'seller' said in his description that he was an early adopter for Google's upcoming release and that you would be buying an unopened pair of Google's Project Glass headsets. However he then went on to say that he would be attending and picking up the pair at Google's Project glass launch event on February 28th, which sounds believable until we dig a little deeper. Google's website for the Glass competition, which opens up early access to the Explorer Edition of the headset, says that the winners will not be notified until mid-to-late March, with the deadline for applications being today. This confirms that the auction was a complete scam and the likely reason it was pulled. Don't be surprised if we do actually see real listings on eBay in the next month though, as Google does not state in its terms and conditions that wi

How It Feels [through Glass]

And This is awesome!! Don't believe me? See this video

Windows Phone: The Classic "Installation disk " error of widnows re-appears

I'm sure most of you have seen this error message one day or another while trying to boot your Windows PC one day. Th dreaded message that suggest us maybe it;'s time fro a format. And this makes it's legendary return in Windows Phone!!! Check this two screenshots from a Lumi :P (and no, It's not a Hoax). So what do you think? On your way to buying one? (Windows Phone that is). Chances are you won't be facing this issue (Yes, it has been confirmed to appear only if you unlock the device for development and do some unnecessary tinkering). but still it is hilarious don't you think?