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Building Blocks of My First Native App

A few months back when I was at the NASSCOM Tech-Unique (yes the second version of the It-NIketan where I had to deliver a speech last time) it seemed the event mostly centered about how Mobile Web is emerging and how we should embrace it. In the discussion there we several interesting points raised and people started dragging PhoneGap in. While this was a very interesting topic, it disturbed me for certain reasons. I raised my worries, and unfortunately the speakers or the panel couldn't come to any solutions. So I am still at a loss for the cons of this method. Nevertheless I decided to put my mind out on the matter. I consider myself well-versed in web development, and I was excited about the features that PhoneGap brings to web apps. Going the HTML5 web app route seemed like the most sane route. Pros You don't have to learn any new languages if you're already a decent web developer It's very quick to prototype Though we didn't end up using it,